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Our practice has an astonishing success rate in the South of England

- a result we are very proud of.

Having practised Alternative Dispute Resolution for some 34 years, I have assisted in a variety of disputes, some of which are outlined below.

Whilst I am restricted by confidentiality covenants to list all of the cases which I have helped reach settlement since 2012.  Here are some of my most recent victories, which I will be updating regularly with newer ones...

Tenant Landlord Dispute


Mr & Mrs B (tenant) from New Jersey USA entered a 2 year ‘Assured Shorthand Tenancy Agreement’ with Mr & Mrs Y (landlord) who resided in Malaysia.


Result: Resolved

Mediation: Unpaid Invoices


A Hampshire based garage brought a claim for £7,287 in respect of unpaid invoices for servicing and repairs carried out to the defendants fleet....


Result: Resolved

Endowment Advice


The claimant took advise from a registered financial advisor in 1980 concerning which type of mortgage he should have.  The advice given was poor....


Result: Resolved

Breach of Contract Dispute


The claimant supplied a photocopier to the defendant on a 60-month leasing arrangement.  They also supplied a servicing contract which included the necessary ....


Result: Resolved

Employment Contract


The claimant was instructed by the defendant to introduce candidates for the role of finance director to be employed by the defendant.  It was agreed that there would be a 100%...


Result: Resolved

Shareholder Dispute


Two brothers were minority shareholders in a construction company, due to ongoing difficulties their employment was terminated...


Result: Resolved

PPI Financial Dispute


A Hampshire based company had been awarded a substantial contract to install air conditioning ductwork.  In order to fund the materials required for the contract...


Result: Resolved

Financial Dispute

Financial disputes include repossessions, the claimant bank were suing the defendant for £220,000 for the outstanding difference between the value of a property and the...

Result: Resolved

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