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John Morrison (MCIArB)


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Allow me to introduce my areas of special interest to you. I am a commercial mediator and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London. My areas of special interest are:


Contract Dispute Resolution - When a contract goes into dispute it is clear that one or other party is unhappy with the their position.  The real reasons may not always be obvious.  I can make even the most disgruntled customer feel calm, as well as put them at ease in order to find what the real issues are and how we can solve them together.  Losing an existing customers revenue, can take £000’s off the nett profits of any company.  Customers are a vital part of any company. It is for this reason, I believe of the importance of establishing strong business relationships, and resolving disputes and differences quickly in order to retain the trust and business, of customers considering taking their business elsewhere.


Workplace &  Employment Mediation - Differences and disputes between colleagues or disgruntled employees can have a disastrous effect on a companies efficiency.  By providing a safe forum for the parties to tell their story and be heard, makes for greater co-operation and more efficient workplace


Assisted Negotiations - In contractual disputes, a key move has often been to seek help from a non-partisan facilitator.  A credible and effective facilitator will be perceived by all of the participants in a dispute or negotiation as "not having an agenda" with respect to its outcome.  Rather, the facilitator's goal is to help 

- assess the issues and stakeholder interests

- convene a credible, broadly representative group of advocates/advisors/ negotiators at the table

- ensure that the group deliberates respectfully and creatively, to generate options that leave all parties better off than they would be without a solution

- help the group to brainstorm options that "create value" by meeting all parties interests more effectively

- make sure that the parties final recommendations are implementable.


Non-Payment Invoice Mediation - When invoices remain unpaid, this can be for a large number of reasons.  The reasons are not always obvious or disclosed, however parties will often reveal these reasons to the mediator knowing they are said in confidence.  Mediation helps resolve these issues in a structured ‘party-focussed’ process whilst also focusing on the preservation of the business relationship.

Customers are the ‘life blood’ of any company. For this reason, I know the importance of establishing strong business relationships, and resolving disputes and differences quickly in order to retain that trust and continued business.




Managing Director, Your Freedom UK, Hampshire — 1995-Present  

Your Freedom UK supplies and services mobility equipment to the elderly, disabled and commercial clients. These clients include, J Sainsbury plc, The Historic Royal Palaces, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens & Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd along with a large portfolio of service agreements with commercial and domestic clients. 


Disputes Consultant, IKON Office Solutions plc, Surrey — 1995-1997 

Following the acquisition of the Southern Business Group plc in 1994, I was appointed by IKON as a consultant to evaluate all allegation of misrepresentation and disputes within the Group. The primary objective was to analyse the various contracts written and offer solutions to facilitate the continued business relationship with its clients. 


Managing Director, GKW Group plc, Middlesex — 1989-1995 

Responsible for all aspects of running the company with a turnover of £6m per annum. 


Branch Manager / Contracts Negotiator, Southern Business Group plc, Surrey — 1978-1989

Upon joining the company as a contracts negotiator, after some 2 years moved to Surrey to develop the forward contracted income of the branch, for both the photocopier and vending divisions as well as coordinating the service department. 



Professional Bodies


  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Member (MCIArb)

  • Mediation Hampshire Chamber of Commerce - Member

  • Wessex Enterprise Council - Business Start Up Mentor 



Professional Development & Qualifications


  • Mediation - Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)

  • Law for Mediators – Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

  • Law of Obligations & Civil Evidence – Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)  

  • Wessex Enterprise Council - Start Up Business Mentor

  • City & Guilds I, II & III - Electronic Design, Diagnosis & Servicing


If you would like to discuss my background or skills in more detail and feel that a meeting would be beneficial I can be reached at (07770) 777470 or emailed at  Download our fees and terms of business here.